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Life-Changing LASIK Benefits: Discover Three Ways LASIK Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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LASIK is a popular procedure that offers the advantage of clear vision that lasts, and patients who have undergone the surgery are undoubtedly looking forward to what life can look like after permanently correcting their vision. The most obvious benefit of LASIK is independence from eyeglasses and contact lenses, making activities like driving, reading, or watching television easier and more enjoyable. However, Dr. Johnson is excited to share even more ways LASIK can improve your life.

Eliminate Eyewear Expenses

After getting LASIK, most patients experience reduced or eliminated reliance on eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as the expenses associated with them. The expense of eyeglasses can add up when you consider the cost of replacing broken frames, prescription changes, torn contact lenses, special contact lens eyedrops, and eyewear storage cases. In addition, because of the visibility of eyeglasses, many patients consider them an accessory that should complement their wardrobes, makeup choices, and jewelry, which can change daily. As such, buying more than one pair of eyeglasses for aesthetic reasons becomes the norm, which can increase costs over time. LASIK allows freedom from these expenses, saving you money and time.

Explore New Activities

Those who wear glasses and contacts understand the limits that they can impose on life. Wearing glasses while playing sports can lead to foggy lenses, which can create a safety hazard during situations where unobstructed vision is necessary. Likewise, sweat can drip into the eyes during certain activities, leading to blurry contact lenses and itchy eyes. After LASIK, these and other such concerns are a thing of the past. Patients are free to take a dip in the pool without worrying about the potential for contact lens-related eye irritation or participate in contact sports without concern for broken eyeglasses.


If your eyeglasses fall off or become lost, being unable to see clearly can easily become a cause for concern, especially during emergencies. LASIK can provide patients with a sense of security knowing that having sharp vision is not reliant upon an external article, or their ability to access it. Last-minute travel is also made easier when you do not have to pack extra pairs of glasses and contact lenses.

Consult with a LASIK Expert

Johnson Laser Eye welcomes patients to explore the life-improving benefits of laser vision correction surgery. In addition to elevating your lifestyle, LASIK comes with a short recovery time, making it a convenient way to achieve lasting sharp vision. Contact our office today, where our team of professionals is ready to help you arrange your laser eye surgery consultation with Dr. Johnson.

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